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Yoga Alliance Teacher Training Course

02nd - 23rd October 2010

(arrival and departure dates)

This is an intensive residential 200-Hour Teacher Training Course
led by
Jacqueline Purnell

BWY DCT, E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher


Ibiza Bija Yoga Teacher Training Intensive.

This course will be run principally by Jacqueline Purnell BWY Diploma Course Tutor and E-RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Teacher

Jacqueline, who is a highly qualified and experienced teacher, and has been training Yoga Teachers for the last ten years in London and Ibiza and is pleased to offer the Ibiza Bija Yoga Teacher Training Intensive.

Jacqueline's past Teacher Trainees, once qualified, have reached out to teach Yoga in a many different ways so as to suit their lifestyles, teaching Yoga either on a part-time or full-time basis. There is also ongoing support and the option of continuous professional development.

Jacqueline has been teaching yoga for many years all over the world and originally trained in Astanga Vinyasa Yoga with the late Sri.K.Pattabhi Jois and Derek Ireland in India.

She is also a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, training with David Life and Sharon Gannon. Jacqueline has also worked with Shandor Remete and attended Teacher Training of the Shadow School.


This course is highly suitable for yoga students who want to go far deeper into their own practice of yoga who have a strong desire to teach but also for students who are looking to immerse themselves in this wonderful arena of practice and study and for reflective personal development .

The Ibiza Bija Yoga Teacher Training Intensive is a professional qualification which reflects ancient values at work in the modern world, where professionalism and the Yoga of the Sanskrit scriptures meet.

Student teachers find a special empowerment from this Course. Whether you have been practicing for many years or if you have never practised yoga before the opportunity is created for you to deepen your appreciation and develop the skills required to teach within the vibrant world of Yoga.

The combination of the skills and knowledge that will be transferred during this course make it truly life enhancing. Yet at the same time although the surroundings are very beautiful it is vitally important to understand how demanding the Course is. Self Discipline is the key to the Intensive. You will find new reserves you didn't know you had in order to successfully complete this course.

It is important to stress that there is very little time to yourself during this Course but the friendships and camaraderie engendered by the demanding schedule does make the process very interesting and uplifting. There is a huge wealth of knowledge and information to digest.

A Typical day during the Course
6 am: Meditation Discourse and Satsang
8 am: Practicum. Teacher Training Classes
10 am: Brunch. Karma Yoga and free time
2 pm: Afternoon Lecture / Workshop
4 pm: Asana Practice
6 pm: Dinner
8 pm: Evening talk / Satsang / Meditation /Chanting

Commitment levels required to successfully complete this Course are high and the Course should not be undertaken lightly. You will need the full support of family and friends. However it does equip one to teach with confidence. It may change your life.


Teaching Style

The Ibiza Bija Teacher training Intensive does not have a set style, but draws on the inspiration of Swami Sivananda and many other great gurus of recent history.

The approach is very much reliant on passing the skills for appropriate modification, safety in asanas and adaptation of postures for common (and often uncommon) medical conditions are the key features within this training.

The course is comprehensive, covering everything from how the muscles and joints work within the postures, through Pranayama, Mantra, Meditation and class management, to the main philosophical texts and how they are relevant, both to the history of Yoga and Yoga as it is practised in the West today.

During this Course you will enjoy plenty of space and warmth ideal for the practice, study and contemplation of Yoga.

Teaching methods are student-centred and fun; while there is plenty of theory in the syllabus, interactive teaching methods are used to keep things moving. Practical Yoga sessions, role-play, pair and group work are all employed to help you develop confidence and autonomy in exploring the topics on the timetable. The methodologies used ensure this is a cutting edge Yoga Teacher Training and is both transformational and confidence-building.

Sessions will be extremely full. The key to safe Yoga teaching is understanding, and that understanding comes through experience, observation, dedication and - teaching.

We do small peer-group teaching sessions from the beginning of the course, in which we road-test how to deal practically and professionally with the situations (common and uncommon) which can arise in a Yoga class.

You are encouraged to start teaching your own class early on in this Course.


The Eco-friendly Yoga Centre "Garden of Joy" is situated in sweet aromatic pine forests five minutes from a pebble beach and ten minutes walk from a shallow sandy bay.

Our Centre is rustic and it overlooks "Magic Mountain" and the Sea. As there is very little light pollution our stars twinkle very brightly.

We commute by bus and by small ferry boats around the beautiful island of Ibiza.

You can also windsurf, hike and ride horses.

Water conservation and recycling techniques are of great importance to us: All of our water at the centre is provided from our well and rain water is collected and re-used for the garden surrounding the Yoga Space and the organic vegetable area irrigation systems. We are also studying local desalination techniques to enhance our systems.

We encourage our students to use public transport, we are blessed with buses from the nearby beach and small ferry boats with regular sailing's around the island. We are looking to invest in new alternative energy sources for the future. We use sea weed to fertilise our soil as an application of permaculture techniques that we are learning.

We very much want to support our local farmers and support their traditional lifestyle. The mountainous interior of the island is a quilt of dense pine forest, olive and almond groves. Farmers still use ancient terracing to cultivate their crops and irrigation techniques introduced by the Arabs over a thousand years ago. The Ibecenco people living in these rural areas are an extremely dignified people- their lives edging gently forwards in a time honoured fashion with so many treasured techniques to share.

We have been forging relationships with the local farmers who have been farming the land generation after generation and who still farm by hand. We hope to form an ecological community with our neighbours. We are committed to renovation and maintenance of our centre with recuperated materials sourced locally. Self sustainability is key: from the use of energy saving bulbs to our hand-made manufacture of candles using natural materials such as beeswax and essential oils.

We also provide local knowledge to help students find their way around on their two days off.

Teaching the course

Jacqueline Annabelle Purnell - holds the British Wheel of Yoga Diploma, Jacqueline is licensed to teach the BWY Foundation Course One and Two.

A qualified BWY Pregnancy Yoga teacher she also teaches pregnancy classes, post-natal recovery and baby Yoga. She currently holds the status BWY Diploma Course Tutor.

Jacqueline is a certified Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, a style of Yoga created by David Life and Sharon Gannon in 1984. It is a physical and intellectually stimulating practice that uses a combination of postures and breathing techniques to remove energy blocks, leading to spiritual awareness. This Yoga method is ideal for dealing with stress and achieving fitness, good health and happiness.

She completed Astanga Vinyasa teacher training in India with the late Derek Ireland and has followed Shandor Remete and attended teacher training of the Shadow School for over 6 years. She is also the Director of the Apprenticeship Teacher Training at Richmond Yoga which enables teacher training students the opportunity to teach supervised classes


The course takes place at the newly opened, eco-friendly yoga centre, "The Garden of Joy" in Ibiza, which has a solid commitment to sustainable energy & preserving the environment in the most natural ways possible.

The centre has a lovely pool with stunning views of the bay. Meals are prepared using the finest available home-grown organic vegetables.

Brunch and dinner will be provided daily except on the two free days.

The accommodation is on a shared basis. Two people in a one bedroom, twin bedded apartment with catering facilities. These are 10 - 15 minutes walk away from the centre, near Cala Llonga Beach. There is a local supermarket nearby.


Ibiza, the perfect location for yoga! I am a recent graduate of the 3 week intensive yoga teacher training course. Well, where do I start?

The food was flawless, totally vegetarian, full of flavour, excellent quality and large portions, thanks Sol (Chef extraordinaire!)

The intensity of the course, in the heat of Ibiza was very challenging physically but achievable with the right attitude and effort, and almost addictive once one was familiar with the routine of 06.30am starts! During the 3 weeks of training, I felt my body and mind had woken up to reality after a long, long sleep!

Mauna- How often does one have the opportunity to experience this and open ones heart to the feeling of peace and serenity? No distractions, no chit chat to fuel the mind with irrelevant scenarios and negativity; just oneself. Being in the now is sufficient. Talking is overrated
anyway! The creativity that was evident in all of the student's demonstrations. They were so inspiring and so memorable. The bonding between all the students was unexpected but I felt boosted the groups dynamics from the very beginning of the course, so as by the end, we were friends who had the spirit of yoga as a common denominator. The course tutors opened our minds to the human potential in all of us.

I thoroughly recommend the course, tough as it was at times, but so worth every second of effort. I am a different person now. More confident, grounded, content, knowledgeable, skilful (Oh, and modest!)

If you can dedicate this time to the Course, you will be overwhelmed at what can be achieved, with the guidance of Jacqueline,( a truly beautiful soul
who surely has enthusiasm, inspiration, wisdom and knowledge on yoga well beyond her years) in the beautiful, magical location of Ibiza.
Do it! In life, opportunities will present themselves, it is up to us to seize them!

Jonathan Mc Loughlin (Ibiza July '09 graduate)

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How to register:

Please telephone email richmondyoga@yahoo.com to reserve a place on the course.


The cost is £2950, based on shared accommodation, all tuition, diploma and food as listed (single room requires a supplement)

If you would like to secure a place on the course you will need to pay a deposit of £250. On receipt of this you will receive an information pack including payment details.

Single supplement: single rooms are available on application for a supplement, this is expected to be approx. £700


All training, a hearty brunch and dinner at the Garden of Joy each day except on your 2 free days (your accommodation has catering facilities). Accommodation is off-site in twin rooms, there is a supplement for single rooms.

Not Included

Please note that flights and transfers to the venue are not included in the cost of the course, if you need help finding a flight talk us here in the office.

Do not leave booking your flight until the last minute - we highly recommend that you book it as early as you are able.

Getting to Ibiza

You will need a flight to Ibiza - this is not included in the price.




Yoga instruction

Flights are available from Ryanair (from £10) Also Easyjet, Monarch, Thomas Cook, Thomson British Airways

Single room, Subject to availabilty


Transfers – Approx. €30 per taxi

Massage: €60 per one hour session

Use of pool 10.00 am until Midday


Evening meal ( minimum 4 people )


Tel: 020 8892 3471 | Email : richmondyoga@yahoo.com